Tuesday, 25 September 2012


youbi by ant-o-rama
youbi, a photo by ant-o-rama on Flickr.
Photo by: ant-o-rama

stranger # 309 i was running late for a street photography meet up, welllll actually i was 10 minutes early but i was wanting to stop off and pick up a 35mm 1.4 i had my eye on beforehand, i don't think my profuse sweating helped my price negotiation, more of the 35mm later, youbi was near the corner of swanston street and little lonsdale and i stopped jogging and waited while she finished talking to my next stranger, stuart, i asked youbi if i could get a shot and she said sure and kept on working, youbi was drawing and had a yellow plastic duck for collections, her work was wonderful, there were no prices attached, a donation was all it took, i commented on her mask as i have the same one, we both agreed they are the most comfortable one around, especially for extended periods, youbi mentioned that she had studied printmaking in korea and wore the mask due to the nasty chemicals involved in the processes, when it came time to choose i went for the gina reinhardt over the positive bowel movement illustration and youbi threw in a kama sutra style one, possibly to balance out the gina negativity, but i'm only guessing, thanks for being part of my stranger project youbi, hope you like the shots

this shot was inspired by the amazing 100 Strangers group

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  1. Hello Yubi :)

    My name is Tim. You've sold me a couple of charms and they have been working beautifully. I would like your charms to be part of my performance at the VCA in about one months time. Does this interest you? Please give me text on 0429596727 so we can meet and talk more about it if you are interested.

    Hope you are well and making everyone's life as joyful as you have mine