Saturday, 7 September 2013

Organization of proliferation for ‘south taste buds stimulating worm’ (2008.10)

Organization of proliferation for ‘south taste buds stimulating worm’ (2008.10)
Film, performance, interactive/Color/English subtitle/0:04:02


This organization wants discover the amazing ‘south taste buds stimulating worm’ and further more they want the creature multiply by parasitize to human’s body. It certainly looks like just a ‘Dal-go-na’ (cheap Korean candy; it made by sugar and Sodium bicarbonate) but the organization think it is most attractive and mysterious creature in the world. So they study hardly in the laboratory and give to people ‘south taste buds stimulating worm’ for experiment.


It was first interactive art in public place to me. So I want show to people very unfamiliar and useless things- in other words, Korean called it “Fine Art”. But it is also interactive art, so I need trap for attractive people in the street. ‘Dal-go-na’ has sweet smell and nostalgia about childhood. When people follow sweet smell in Ordinary Street and eat that deliciously, they also found strange pseudo organization try to found secret of mere trifle. And they may felt being a material for experiment. This project started without certain subject but it gave to me big question about relationship between pedantry and art.

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