Saturday, 7 September 2013

The big brother, who is that? (2008.9)

The big brother, who is that? (2008.9)
Film/Mono/Sound on/No language/0:01:58


When a frame for silk screen print came away from the monitor, Lee Myung-bak, a Korean president’s face will come out to the screen. And as soon as he mumbled some speaking which unable to understand, water with hose deleted his face. Behind of the face there are so many swear wards about Lee Myung-bak and this texts change to civil protesters who make bee sounds.


In Seoul, 2008 there was big protest movement about rejecting import “the mad cow” from USA. Korean government didn’t ask people’s opinion and didn’t give exact information about importing cow. Many people were angry especially the incident of shooting water with hose to peaceful protesters. Also many netizens spoke ill of Lee Myung-bak on the internet and took so many photos in protest scene of violence situation between riot police (they were also just young age nation’s army of duty) and citizen. I wanted make art work about tension of two powers. One is power of the state which existed from ancient time, other is new generation’s power of internet that reacts quickly about new situation and hide personal name. The two powers keep watch each other. Big brother in contemporary world divided the function. Even old power tried to make obey people, unspecified individuals can be strong observer for their right.  

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