Saturday, 7 September 2013

So, the ‘R’ lost a god (2009.12)

So, the ‘R’ lost a god (2009.12)
Animation/Color/Sound on/No language/0:06:12


A long time ago existed the ‘R’: archetypical humans who had pure spirit and simple shape. They lived in peace with their god the ‘Snake’. One day, a ‘Monster’ appears in their world and harasses the ‘R’. The ‘R’s feel anger and sorrow, so they ask their god the ‘Snake’ for power. With this power, they can have their revenge against the ‘Monster’ and take his body as a trophy. Afterwards, when the ‘Snake’ comes to the ‘R’s world, it sees that the ‘R’s have changed form to resemble the ‘Monster’. They demand more power from the ‘Snake’ and cling to its’ breasts, which rip from the god’s body. Thus, the ‘R’s lose their god.


This story is about the changing nature of human life. I want to show a situation in which civilization is assaulting the primitive: civilization is rebelling against their god, in the form of spirit of nature, and humanity holds the ambition to usurp god’s authority. The short animation resembles a fantasy, but it actually attempts to express a reality using metaphor as myth.

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